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Raise your glasses you fine and eligible singles, you are in for a great night out. As a guide, men tend be on the upper end of the bracket and ladies on the lower end. Speed dating is the perfect way to meet up to 15 dates in one night. Don’t come with a list of job interview questions and an engagement ring just in case.

Meet like-minded members face to face at Speed Dater Events. In fact, if you are not a social and foxy professional, this really isn’t going to work out. When you arrive, our lovely Speed Dater host will welcome you and sign you in.

Near the end of II Senior, the girls also participate in an informal team building activity to encourage their creativity, team work and presentation skills in preparation for life beyond school.

III & IV Senior In III Senior, during their PSE lessons girls are involved in ‘The Real Game’, an inspiring careers-focused game based on the realities of working life.

Speed dating Aberdeen Scotland based, may not be the end of your interaction with one or more of the people you meet.

If you have matches, then the next step could be to arrange a longer first date, where you can really get to know one another.

You can also take advantage of our advanced search features, designed to help you narrow down your search even further so that you can find your perfect date.

By registering with match.com, we’ll also keep you updated on nights and socials, where our Aberdeen members can come together in a relaxed atmosphere and connect with other like-minded singles.

A busy event can also mean that you don’t get to see everyone in the room as there isn’t enough time.But to build to that point, the first date out in the real world, rather than under the structure of the speed dating event, needs to be a positive experience.One of the benefits of being matched through speed dating is that you are likely to have things in common, the key to a successful first date is picking the right thing.Each pupil in second year has an individual interview with Ms Brown, Head of Careers, to discuss her options in light of her second year exam results and teachers’ recommendations.In the early part of the spring term, we hold an Information Evening for second year pupils' parents.

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