Sedating children dental work

The child simply drinks the medication and, after about an hour, starts feeling much calmer.The combination of the sedative medication and the nitrous gas (laughing gas) helps put the child in a relaxed state, which can make the procedure much more bearable.Methods Patients were selected by colleagues for treatment under oral sedation.The main general criteria were weight below 36 kilos and ASA I, II, or III. A pulse oximeter was applied to a finger to monitor vital signs and the Houpt scale was used to assess behaviour.Right now, there are many more questions than answers: Most of these questions will be answered during the investigation.For now, let’s look at some questions surrounding your child’s oral health which can be answered: When should my child first visit the dentist?

A smaller percentage of pediatric dentists are trained to give children oral sedation.

The child is asked to come to the office on an empty stomach and is given the oral sedation an hour before the appointment.

While the effects differ on each child, the drugs have a calming effect and often make the child drowsy.

When she was discovered not breathing, according to KITV News, the dentist had to locate a Pediatrician to try to revive the child.

Finley was taken to a hospital and later, a hospice center, where she was put on a feeding tube. Her parents made the agonizing decision to have the tubes removed, after an MRI showed she was ‘brain dead’.

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