Ray j still dating joanna the globe dating sites

Posted in For The Love of Ray J by Reality Tea on June 10, 2009 Tags: Cocktail, For the Love of Ray J 2, For The Love of Ray J Casting, For The Love of Ray J Season 2, For The Love of Ray J Second season, Joanna Hernandez, Ray J, vh1 has now officially announced there will be a 2nd season of For the Love of Ray.This comes has no surprise as the first season was a big hit for VH1.According to one commentator, the concept of the show involves pampering the contestants with "upscale trips throughout the series" and "Ray J's so in love that he's already given participating girls names like Cashmere, Unique and Hot Cocoa." Multi-platinum hip-hop artist Ray J has traveled the world and lived the life of a superstar, but now he's ready to find true love.14 lovely women join Ray at an exclusive concert in Hollywood where Ray performs his hit single "Sexy Can I".

They had their first kiss in another Breaking NYC vlog entitled "Vegas New Years".

Interestingly enough, Cocktail never denied Ray’s claims that she slept with other women as well.

Things got even more heated and Ray J ended up walking off the stage.

Two days later, it is still being widely talked about.

The reunion show was a big hit mainly because it brought the drama.

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