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“Among these unfinished areas are also a few apartments in block 20, the one to be used by Italy, where manual workers, electricians, plumbers and bricklayers hired by CONI officials have been working over the past few days so that the athletes' accommodation can be brought up to normal conditions,” he said in a statement.

The British team is staying in one of the 12 finished buildings and has encountered relatively few problems.

In this nationally representative cross-sectional survey, 18428 respondents were asked about how they treated 10 symptoms, with options including the use of alternative (folk) medicine practitioners.The widespread use of alternative (folk) medicine practitioners in some f SU countries and the growth of this form of health care provision in the post-Soviet period in conditions of variable licensing and regulation, highlights the urgent need for more research on this phenomenon and its potential effects on population health in the countries in this region. This study begins to fill an important geographical gap in our knowledge by examining the patterns of use of alternative (folk) medicine practitioners in the countries of the former Soviet Union (f SU).Posting pictures on its website of dirty windows and a filthy shower, the Belarus Olympic Committee said “there remains much for the Rio organising committee to do so that the living conditions meet sanitary requirements.” It has complained about having no hot water, only sometimes cold water, and a failing sewage system.In 2014 Belarus will host the ice hockey World Championship.This high-profile event can boost the country’s tourist industry, as the authorities promise visa-free travel for all Westerners.

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