After dating death

Aim to venture back out into the modern dating game ever so slowly. Don’t jump back into the deep end of the dating pool before you have updated your image and first started to stretch yourself socially.

Jumping back in too quickly can be upsetting in a whole new way.

When you are single again after the death of your beloved spouse, getting back out into the world of modern dating can feel like a roller coaster. I used the term “widowed” to include both widows and widowers.

Most widowed singles are one of the millions of midlife singles in the contemporary dating scene.

Follow the example of the birds in their dance for the mating season.

Yes, do update your image, your hairstyle, your wardrobe, and for the ladies, your makeup style.

Make sure your wardrobe and image show you as a single who is interested in considering a romantic relationship. Don’t be seen all about town always decked out in black and gray ensembles.

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